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Tara Manley

Tara has lived and traveled various places and is proud to have enjoyed the past 5 years living in Southern California, even though she still often refers to “home” as central Wisconsin and Minneapolis. Tara's attraction to Pilates began several years ago when she was having joint problems and couldn’t move around very well. Always an avid exerciser and always having had a passion for fitness, she was at a loss not being able to do her usual running, walking, biking, or even yoga practice. Pilates was the one form of exercise that she could physically do at the time, and still get a great over-all workout. And in the process, she couldn’t help but learn more about her body - all the connections and mechanics that are involved in proper movement and alignment. The knowledge she gained of the overall balance of mind, body and spirit in the process of becoming certified has been invaluable to her. She feels that to be able to give this knowledge to others is truly a privilege.

Tara Manley instructs the following:
  • Level 2: Reformer
  • An intermediate class offering new challenges to students who have experienced the fundamental exercises and have a sound understanding of the principles of Pilates. A combination of the series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates and the modern innovation of Pilates today working together to lengthen and strengthen your body through a flow of vigorous moves and breath, leaving you feeling balanced and walking away with improved posture.

    Prerequisite: 6 Pilates: Reformer Level 1 classes or 4 Private 1 on 1 lessons

  • 50/50 Combo Class- Jumpboard/Reformer
  • Prerequisite: At least 2 Pilates Reformer classes

    If you are looking to add a Pilates inspired cardiovascular workout to your regimen, this class is for you! The jump board is a standard piece of Pilates equipment used on the Reformers to provide a fun, challenging alternative to rev up your cardiovascular system. Participants will enjoy an intense, efficient workout that will raise the heart rate while working the core.