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 ***All new Pilates clients MUST complete 4 Pilates Private 1 on 1 sessions minimum before approval before taking any of our group Reformer classes. This is to ensure your safety as well as to maintain the flow of our standard classes.


To schedule a Private one on one Session please text Mariel 619.417.9904 or email:

Pilates Private One on One Session: Reformer Level 1 (Beginner/Refresher)

Prerequisite for All Pilates Reformer classes:
Designed for beginners as well as those who have not been on a reformer in awhile...  These training sessions help the instructor learn the clients' needs.  It will be an introduction to Pilates on equipment to improve core strength, stability, heighten body awareness and develop lean and toned muscles. This repertoire emphasizes building the foundation until both the instructor and client feels comfortable to enter the next level. An option for a smooth transition from private 1 on 1 sessions into standard group reformer. 


Pilates: Reformer class (Intermediate/Advanced)
Prerequisite: 6 Pilates: Reformer Level 1 classes or 4 Private 1 on 1 lessons
An intermediate class offering new challenges to students who have experienced the fundamental exercises and have a sound understanding of the principles of Pilates. A series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your body through a flow of vigorous moves and breath, leaving you feeling balanced and walking away with improved posture.


Pilates: CLASSIC Reformer (Intermediate/Advanced)

Prerequisite: 6 Pilates: Reformer Level 1 classes or 4 Private 1 on 1 session

During the first half of the twentieth century Joseph Pilates designed a movement system to build flexibility, concentration and strength. The Classical Pilates repertoire he devised is a sequential system of exercises at varying levels of skill demand. Classical Pilates is broken down into 5 levels from beginner to advanced. Each technique transitions and flows into the next. This non-stop movement increases heart and breathing rate, building stamina and endurance.
 The result is a dynamic system of movement characterized by rhythm and full-body awareness that becomes increasingly challenging as you refine your skill.


Pilates: All ABS and BUNS Reformer (Intermediate)

Prerequisite: Pilates Reformer class

Designed to reshape the glute muscles, lift the buns, and develop a toned, curvy backside. This exercise will burn fat as it sculpts sexy legs, hips,thighs, glutes,abs and core. A great workout to isolate and tone those problem areas. If you want rock hard abs, buns of steel and thighs to die for, then this class is for you!


Pilates: Cardio Reformer (Intermediate/Advanced)

Prerequisite: Pilates Reformer class

Get your heart rate up for optimal fat burning while you simultaneously build muscle,improve posture, improve balance, and challenge your mind through a series of faster paced Pilates exercises on the Reformer.




Pilates: 50/50 Combo class JUMP/Reformer (Intermediate)
Prerequisite: Pilates Reformer class

If you are looking to add a Pilates inspired cardiovascular workout to your regimen, this class is for you! The jump board is a standard piece of Pilates equipment used on the Reformers to provide a fun, challenging alternative to rev up your cardiovascular system. Participants will enjoy an intense, efficient workout that will raise the heart rate while working the core.




Pilates: Prenatal Postnatal Mommy 'n Me

No experience needed

Rediscover your core strength, relax and connect with your baby. This class strengthens abdominal muscles, increases flexibility and improves balance and coordination. Throughout the class, you'll have the option of involving your baby in the movement or having your baby close to you on you mat.



Pilates: Springboard (All Levels)

This class uses resistance training to tone and strengthen the body. It is a complete body workout with the primary focus being on the abdominals as the stabilizers. This is a wonderfully fun and challenging way to bridge mat work with spring resistance.

(Heated option 85 degrees)



Pilates: Cardio Circuit Training (Intermediate/Advanced)

Prerequisite: Pilates Reformer class

Circuit training is an excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength and stamina. This class rotates between cardio exercises and toning exercises by using all Pilates equipment (ie: Chair, barrel...) to tone the entire body.


Pilates: ALL LEVEL Classic Springboard/Chair COMBO

Combining Pilates Wunda chair and Springboard, this apparatus class offers a unique opportunity to experience the amazing strengthening and toning benefits of the Pilates machines. Fall in love with the progressive resistance of springs and see your body transformed in the process.




Pilates Foam Roller Mat Class (Myofascial Release techniques)

Foam Roller Class on the mat! This class includes lots of deep tissue rolling, Myofascial Release Techniques, and a very different core challenge!!! By performing Self-Myofascial Release techniques on a simple foam roller, you can improve flexibility, function, performance, reduce injuries and massage tight muscles!!!




CLASSIC Morning Mat Class (all levels)!!!

Wake up and Energize with our new Morning Mat class with Holly Cannon. Start your day off with the core fundamentals with support and emphasis on proper form, breath, and alignment originally created and taught by Joseph Pilates (CLASSIC).




Mat Pilates Fusion 

Pilates Mat exercises introducing the core fundamentals with support and emphasis on proper form, breath, and alignment. By incorporating the weight and resistance of one’s own body against gravity results are obtained that will stretch, strengthen and reshape the body. It is an excellent workout for those individuals who are looking to understand the basics of the technique while gaining strength, flexibility and coordination. This mat class incorporates rings, balls and foam rollers!!